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TV Audience

To Measure TV Audiences, You need 3 ingredients: a data source, (a combination of panel & big data capable of properly representing viewing audiences), technology ( to capture and correctly identify viewing data) & metrics ( to make sense of that viewing data for all stakeholders).


The demographic of a show's audience is also measured, and is often notated in abbreviated form.

TV Ratings Point (TRP)

A TV rating point (TRP) is a measure of viewrship of a television show. One television ratings point (Rtg or TVR) represents one percent of television households in the surveyed area in a given minute

Audience Measurement

Basically, to improve advertising, Media houses calculate how many people are in an audience, usually in relation to radio listenership and television viewership, but also in relation to newspaper and magazine readership and, increasingly, web traffic. 

How Do Advertisers

In OTT (over-the-top) advertising, connecting with a media server, such as an IP (internet protocol), extracts audience information which advertisers can then collect for targeting and reporting purposes.

Measure Audience

In Linear TV advertising, advertisers connect with national networks to gather audience information. The more national networks an advertiser has access to, the greater the chance the ad has of reaching the largest number of households and targeting with more precision and clarity.

Reach of Television?

Cross-channel TV buying platform normally have partnerships with top-of-the-line data partners who can extract this audience information with ease and efficiency.

Sizing, Profiling and Monetising the TV Viewing Audience

Media companies for TV and/or video content understand the size, the makeup, and the behavior of their audiences across different stations and platforms. These data feed into decisions on how best to maximize the appeal of video content to an audience and how to promote specific programmes to high potential viewers. In addition, the data is used for trading advertising inventory between marketers, media agencies and media companies.


There are a number of alternative or complementary approaches which can also be used to generate TV ratings data. Two of these are Set Meter and Return Path Data:

The Set Meter

Whereas a People Meter is able to identify what content is being viewed and via the Remote Control declaration can also detect the viewers in the room, the Set Meter forgoes the requirement for the remote control. This means that it detects viewing behavior of the set, but not who is in the room at the time.

Return Path Data

In some cases, such as when a cable set-top box is used to provide a TV signal, the same cabled connection also provides a 'return path', which can communicate set top box activity back to the signal provider. This could also be in the form of a separate phone line connected to the box or a WiFi connection to a home router.

People Meter

A People Meter (PM) is an IoT device used to collect audience data to measure the viewing habits of TV and cable audiences. Additionally, PM enables viewers to participate in recording of their age, sex and viewing status into the system.

advanced people meter inditronics.jpg
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Advanced People Meter

advanced people meter_edited.jpg
  • Integrate any audio fingerprint or watermark or matching technology

  • Self Installation using Multilingual Speaker, LCD Display and IR Remote

  • Interactive Messaging (Information, Diagnosis, Polling) on LCD Display

  • Independent Integrated LED Display for Member Viewership Declaration

  • Compact Design, Lightweight 500 gm

Compact Design and Light Weight


Most Accurate Audio Fingerprint Matching Patented Technology

  • Unique and most accurate digital fingerprint for every TV and Radio program

  • Fastest recognition response less than 3 seconds for detecting a media content

  • Smallest wave string 4 seconds audio detect shorter advertisements

  • Ultra powerful matching computing engine with extensive memory

  • Advanced fingerprint matching machine learning algorithm

inditronics audio fingerprint matching.jpg

Mobile Application for Individual Member Recognition

inditronics mobile application.jpg
inditronics mobile application fingerprint matching.jpg
  • Inditronics Audio Fingerprint Mobile Application installed on individual phones for understanding media consumption habits.

  • It is passive measurement solution for measuring TV & Radio media content consumption minute-by-minute basis.

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