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Journey Of Inditronics

  • In the year 2016, Inditronics was born with a vision to revolutionize the electronics industry. With just 10 passionate individuals, the journey began with a focus on Electronics Design & Prototype.

  • As the company matured, it ventured into new territories. Alongside Electronics Design & Prototype, Inditronics embraced Pilot projects, catering to mid-volume products and delving into Embedded Software development. The demand surged, with requirements reaching up to 100 pieces.


  • From complete electronic product development to Enclosure ID and IoT integration, the company embraced innovation wholeheartedly. These years marked a significant leap forward in both expertise and market presence.

  • With a solid foundation in place, Inditronics took bold steps into volume manufacturing.


  • While continuing its focus on electronic product development, Enclosure ID, and IoT, the company commenced 11+ volume manufacturing, producing 25,000 IoT devices and 50,000 displays. This period symbolized exponential growth and expansion.

  • With a clear vision and unwavering determination, Inditronics sets its sights on ambitious goals for the future. The primary objective for 2025 is to achieve a revenue milestone of 100 crores.


  • However, beyond mere financial success, the company's overarching goal is to serve 1 lakh people with intrinsic happiness, well-being, and meaningfulness.


Electronics Design & Prototype

Electronics Design & Prototype + Pilot Projects Mid Volume Product & Embedded Software development (upto 100pcs)

Complete Electronic Product Development + Enclosure ID and IoT integration

11+ volume manufacturing, producing 25,000 IoT devices and 50,000 displays.

Industrial IoT + Consumer IoT & Product Development & Manufacturing

Goal- Revenue 100 cr. & Intrinsic Happiness, Wellbeing & Meaningfulness of 1lakh People Served

Vision 2040

“To Create an Human Empowerment Ecosystem that adds Wholesome value to the lives of 1B People, harnessing and expanding the Human Potential to the highest and beyond, perpetually.”

Core Values

integrity, honesty, integrity.jpg

Integrity Honesty Sincerity

It create a moral compass that guides individuals towards ethical behavior, building a foundation for trust, respect, and positive interactions in both personal and professional spheres.

Goal #2040


People Impact

10% of World population to be positively impacted by the products, services and solutions



1 lakh on-role Employees in next 17 years, reflecting a commitment to substantial workforce expansion and organizational growth.



US $12 Billion (INR 1 lakh Crore), for various initiatives and projects.

why do we exist.jpg

Why Do We Exist?

Drone Delivery_edited_edited.jpg

To strive for excellence and innovation, by leading a self aware life with intrinsic happiness, well-being and meaningfulness

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