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Happy 6th Birthday Inditronics

Happy Birthday #Inditronics 🎂🥳

Exactly 6 years ago – on 8th Apr 2016 – our incredible journey started. 

We stared well but then failed miserably by end of 2017.

Most told us to close the business and go back to employment.

But we started again in 2018 with

Smallest Team (2 person - Kunal Jagdale & Keshav Shinde) 🙏

Smallest Office (Mc'D Shivajinagar) 🙏

Smallest Budget (Zero Budget) 🙏

And this time, we started humbly & with experience. We got one customer then slowly and gradually we improved in electronic product development and manufacturing.

Our acceleration came when Mr. Manoj Arora invested in Inditronics and changed the way we used to look at the our business.

Today we are one of the fastest growing startups in India.

🚀 We are the Top company in IoT & Telematics products in it's segment in India and growing exponentially in the market.

🚀 We have electronics design, embedded software and electronics manufacturing teams who are our champions in creating innovative products and delivering them.

🚀 We are able to do 3X revenue consistently even during covid times.

🚀 We built local & international supply chain and manufacturing which is empowering us to deliver boards & products in time even when the global semiconductor issue is going. 🏭

Out of these 6 years, we worked with integrity and able to gain trust of our customers for their technological advancement and products delivery.

I remember a quote from Manu kumar Jain:

“Never let your fear decide your future. You can make your dreams come true! It only requires a bit of self-belief and a lot of hard work.”


Keshav S

CEO, Inditroincs


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