A Very Happy Birthday to Inditronics 🎂 🎉

#inditronics started as a big dream of 2 middle class boys 5 years ago. A journey and a dream of building a great company of technology and engineering services.

In a short period of time, we achieved:

✅ Our managed services are embedded in IoT devices with over 50,000 deployments.

✅ 2 big projects in Transition to Manufacturing & 1 in successful delivery.

✅ Our designed automotive units tested & passed at client's Japan & India facility.

✅ We're giving services not only in India but in North America and soon in Central Africa.

✅ We laid no salaries or employees and kept hiring despite of covid pandemic.

✅ We did 3 times Revenue than last year.

Super proud to be part of this incredible journey & the team! But I know our best days are still ahead. Excited for next years. 😇

Our team celebration pictures will come next week as we're working from home because of covid protocol. 😷


Cheers 🥂

Stay Safe.