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Happy 4th Birthday to INDITRONICS PVT LTD

To me, it is important to celebrate milestones. It is as much to recognize the journey that you have been on as it is to give the opportunity to set new goals for the future.

Few achievements: 1. We did almost 4 times revenue than prev year. Yes, we're growing fast. 2. Started with small electronics projects design & prototype development to now complete electronic product development and manufacturing. We're delivering & expanding. 3. Our few designs tested & approved from different labs/parts of India and World including Japan & Barcelona.

Our next targets for upcoming 3 years: 1. To become the world class excellence not only in electronics design but in the complete product development. 2. To deliver complex engineering projects of our customers as well to provide execution solutions to pioneer technologists. 3. To achieve 100Cr. in revenue.

I would like to acknowledge the work of the incredible team that we have at the Inditronics. I link this with the projects we were dare to propose and execute. We set out to prove that it does not matter what your background is or where you live, you are entitled to receive great opportunities if you're passionate.

To the amazing years to come, Cheers!

Keshav S Founder and CEO

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