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Electronic Design Services

​We provide design solutions for custom electronics & existing reference designs products and applications in Telemetry, IoT, Industrial IoT and Motor ECU, for medium to large scale field deployments.

We support companies in teardown analysis of the product or boards or sub-assemblies and discovery & feasibility report for productization.

Hardware Design or Re-engineer

research and development inditronics.jpg

We take complex projects or long term engagements for :

  • Complex circuit (analog, digital) making & it's simulation, schematic design.

  • High speed multi-layer PCB design, PCB re-design, RF/ EMI/ EMC compliance, impedance matching, as per IPC, BS EN, IEC standards.

  • Components, controller, connectors, buttons, display, sensors, processor, harness & electromechanical parts selection.

  • BoM creation, suppliers identification & working for part numbers, availability, life.

Our hands on experience includes technologies/ platforms deployed across the country such as:

  • ARM, TI, STM, Renesas, NXP, Microchip processors & controllers for applications in multiple industry sectors.

  • SBCs and SOMs like Raspberry pi, STMPU, NXP imax, Arduino.

  • Sensors & I/O: Audio codec, transducer, actuators & DC motors, gauge detector, electrodes, display, keyboard, USB, LAN.

  • Dual SIM 2G/3G/4G LTE cellular on board or external antennas mains, diversity & GNSS.

Prototype Development

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We have the expertise and resources on site to produce the prototypes required for your project. From proof-of-concept to full working production-ready models we are equipped to provide:

  • Quick turnaround PCBs

  • In-house electronics assembly

  • 3D printed models

  • Cables design and assembly

  • Components procurement

  • Production per unit & NRE costing

PCBA Tester & Testing Services

electronics diagnosis inditronics.jpg

In-line & off the line test fixture  development.

  • Perform test & measurements:

    • Electrical Test (ET)/ In-Circuit Test (ICT)

    • Function Test (FCT) - Voltage, Current & Frequency

    • Functional Verification Test (FVT)

    • Firmware Loading

  • Test results logs & online reporting.

  • 100% testing. Batch size = 1.

  • Analysis & Re-engineer:

    • Visual inspection & electrical test​

    • Diagnosis based on checks

    • Root cause analysis

    • Corrective actions

Telemetry & IoT Integration

IoT device integration inditronics.jpg

Mix of IoT devices, data, platforms and applications - combined with IT assets (business applications, legacy data, mobile, and SaaS)

  • API services

  • Edge security

  • UAT, Field trials

  • Data modeling

  • Data collection

  • Data transmission

Easily integrate device data with applications, cloud services and systems. Build innovative solutions that combine your physical and digital assets.

Enclosure Industrial Design

product design inditronics.jpg

We follow below steps to convert your concept into a product:

  • Research - We do research on your concept and take your invention from the idea/ requirements you share.

  • Sketches - Various aspects of a product are looked into such as technology, styling, usability and the user experience.

  • 3D design - We make a 3D design of enclosure of your product and visualize renders, shapes, size, assembly & fitments and ports.

  • Prototype - 3D prints are made for checking ergonomic and aesthetic design of the product.

Embedded Software

embedded software inditronics.jpg

We undertake design, develop, test and deployment of firmware in embedded electronics.

  • Firmware architecture, design & development.

  • Porting and tuning existing firmware on alternate platform.

  • IoT IDE and OS stack management.

  • Process flow, Data modeling.

  • Sensor integration.

  • Edge security and API development & integration.

  • F/OTA enablement.


Technologies we've used but not limited to:

  • Languages: Embedded C, C++, Python, Golang.

  • Communication protocols: I2C, SPI, UART, HTTP, MQTT, TCP/IP, CAN, LIN, MODBUS

  • Peripherals interface: PWM, DMA, EEPROM, ADC, DAC.

  • OS: Debian, Embedded Linux, RTOS, Gentoo.

  • Controllers: TI MSP, STM32, Renesas, Microchip, NXP, ARM.

  • Wireless: BLE, RF, WiFi, NFC, Zigbee.

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