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Our Ideaology

We aren’t merely creating products.

We’re creating meaningfull technology that brings wholesome value for the person who uses it.

Group Seflie

Join the team and inspire the work.

Joining our dynamic team gives you the opportunity to contribute your unique skills and talents, inspiring a collaborative working environment as we co-create compelling content that makes a meaningful impact.

Life at Inditronics

Voices of Inditronians.

Voices of Inditronics.jpg

Swapnil  Jadhav

At Inditronics, employees enjoy diverse opportunities to work on various products and stay updated on current technologies through sessions and workshops by industrial experts. The company fosters a vibrant work culture with team-building activities, including lunches, outings, and sports.


Chhaya Mane

Thank you for acknowledging my experiences at Inditronics. The emphasis on innovative learning and freedom to explore reflects the unique and enriching workplace culture at our organization.


Gopal Nimje

For me, this journey has been full of learning, purpose and fulfillment. Inditronics is not just a factory; It is a place of innovation. The company encourages employees to think outside the box, creating a culture where innovation is not only welcomed but celebrated. 

What it means to work here

When you join Inditronics, you join a culture of growth, self development and excellence. You join a team of Inditronians who are bringing positive change into the world — making technology work for good.

This is where individual imaginations gather together, committing to the values that lead to infinite possibilities. Here, you’ll do more than join something — you’ll bring something that really add wholesome value into individual's lives.

Our values are part of everything built here — including careers.

core values inditronics.jpeg
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