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6 Simplified Steps to Industrial Product Design in 2019

Have you ever wondered how companies launch new products in the market with so much design innovations?

BMW key design

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So here are the key steps to convert your concept into a product which we follows at Inditronics:

1. Research -

We do research on your concept and we take your invention from that idea in your head to a fully-designed and developed consumer product.

2. Sketches -

There are times where sketch can express more than words and you get an instant understanding of concept.You can check product concept design details at

Product Concept design is also a vital phase inproduct development. Various aspects of a productare also looked into at product design process. Such as technology, styling, usability and also the user experience.

3. 3D design -

We make a 3D design of this concept to visualize better. You can see shape and know holes, accessories fitments, IOs etc.

You can use this Comprehensive Guide To Product Design at by Nick Babich

On the basis designs 3D prints are made(few prototypes). You can use these models for checking ergonomic and aesthetic design of your product, although you can not perform number of tests on it like vibration, drop etc.

5. Material selection -

Select right material according to your product work environment. Usually ABS used for IoT products.

6. Silicone / Injection mold -

This is final step of your product concept to reality. A silicone mold can give you 20-100 pcs for in house testing. Moreover injection mold can produce pieces in thousands or sometimes in lacs depending upon your product type, material and complexity.

To see more product solutions click here or contact our COO Mr. Kunal Jagdale at email

Conclusion -

Now you have successfully taken your product from concept to a polished final product, it’s time to turn your attention to marketing, and the practical side of getting it into the hands of customers.

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