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Electronics Manufacturing Services

We provide services for production of: electronic devices, electronic assembly (PCBA), in-line board testing, fabrication of printed circuit boards (PCB), BoM sourcing, injection mould & molding of enclosures and certification assistance.

BoM Sourcing

electronic components inditronics.jpg

Our supply chain network & deep relationships are with leading global electronics distributors and also with key OEMs for ICs, SOC & SOM.

  • BoM validation

  • Electrical, electronic components parts

  • Connectors, harnesses & mechanical parts

  • PCB: multi-layer, RF & impedance compliance

  • Molded parts.

Our experience in project planning & our long term relationship with suppliers & logistics helps to provide

  • Low material lead time

  • Zero rejection on deployment

  • Alternate part numbers (APN)

Product Manufacturing

electronics manufacturing

We have six sigma & lean manufacturing experts with more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing. Through our partner eco-system we do:

  • Surface mount technology (SMT) for PCB assembly with AOI

  • Special processes like coating, potting, gluing & MI

  • Box build (BB) - Electrical, sub-assemblies, harness and mechanical assembly.

  • (HMLV) high mix low volume production runs.

  • Production planning and control.

  • Logistics - Product delivery, tracking & deployment.

  • Field trials & UAT.

PCB Assembly Testing

electronic testing inditronics.jpg

Design for Testability (DFT): PCB test point (TP) design & coverage planning

  • Test program development in LabView.

  • Tests - Open-short test

  • Measurements - On board RLC values, Voltage, Current & Frequency (VCF) at TPs.

  • Micro-controller test & firmware loading.

  • Functional test - board and module.

  • Test results logs & online reporting.

  • Sample size - 100% or sampling based.

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