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We provide transition and managed support services in

1. Full software stack, controller firmware, application data & event model, APIs to server and android app, interfaces to accessories.

2. Electrical, electronic product/ boards design, analysis, development and outsourced manufacturing

Our customer engagements permit limited release of content on electronic media.

At Work

Firmware & Applications

Tier 3 support processes and change request (CR) management services 

  1. Controller firmware and interfaces.

  2. Software stack and applications.

  3. APIs to server & android app.

Manages support services for already developed/ deployed products. 


Inbound Development

We provide development services to the clients such as

  1. Electronics hardware design.

  2. Embedded software.

  3. Material sourcing, Alternate part numbers (APN) suitability.

  4. Assembly & Testing.

  5. Integration with backend.

Development & program management for electrical, electronic products.

Pottery in the Making

Portfolio Development

Product themes & portfolio

  1. Enterprise architecture review & consulting. 

  2. Product market study & competitive analysis.

  3. Feasibility check & techno-commercial proposal.

Co-creation and Managed Services

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