Some of our designed & developed boards are:

1. Dual SIM 2G/3G/4G LTE GSM and BLE with on board or external antennas.

2. Motor driver & ECU/ Microcontroller based peripheral board.

3. Power & battery management - Power supply, subsystem power management, battery charging, discharging, protection & monitoring.

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IoT Comm. Board

It is a communication part of an IoT device which consists of

  1. Dual SIM 4G LTE GSM + GNSS (GPS) with on board antennas.

  2. Fallback to 3G & 2G with auto latching.

  3. Integration with processor board for OS based application.

  4. On board controller for IOs & peripherals.

  5. It is powered & backed by 20W power board & 2600mAh battery.

This product/ board serves one of the largest network of IoT devices across India in Media Industry 

Motor ECU

We worked on various motor & actuator operated products one of which below developed for Automotive Industry for 2 wheelers & 4 wheelers

  1. Motor current sense via ECU and motor control via switch, touchscreen display and an android app.

  2. Automotive grade ECU board variants, harness assembly and touchscreen display board.

  3. IP67 auto grade in house design & developed product.

Units are been tested & approved in client’s India and Japan facility.



1. Fuel level measurement & transmission

  • Ultrasonic & fuel gauge sensor used for measuring fuel in the tank. 

  • GSM & Wi-Fi for two way communication in lieu of Satellite.

  • On board BLE for unit's installation.

2. Camera feed capture & transmission

  • Electronic control unit for remote operation of radiation resistant camera and video stream feed on RCA port.

  • Photoconductive tube technology uses to capture the image frames via analog circuitry in nuclear radiation environment.


Lights & Sound

Colorful lighting with sound

1. Dim light at night
2. Wall themes

3. Mood lighting & sound

With an excellent view of consumer behavior and experience in end-to-end electronics services, we can develop and launch any consumer products as per your requirements. 

New Product Development